DMX Gets 6 Months of Jail-Time for Unpaid Child Support

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The 44-year old rapper, DMX, has been sentenced to six months in jail for failing to pay $400,000 of child support.

According to the official statement of the Erie County Holding Center sheriff, the rapper was jailed on the 14th of July, but he was first arrested on the 26th of June for several misdemeanors, including a robbery in New Jersey for which he was accused, and jumping bail in New York.

The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simons was arrested just before a music performance he had scheduled at Radio City Music Hall in New York, according to a report released by the Guardian. Simons will, as the Guardian reports, spend his jail time in upstate New York.


This isn’t the first time DMX has been arrested.

Besides not paying for child support and the other mentioned reasons for being sentenced to six months in prison this time, he previously ended up in jail for drug possession, parole violation, driving without a license and drunk driving. He was also charged several times for offences such as animal cruelty.

DMX was one of the most popular hip-hop stars until recently. His fame was at its peak in the 90s and 00s, and he was so big that his first five albums were at the top of the music charts in America. He released his last album named Undisputed in 2012, which was named the 19th best album recorded in the U.S.

After achieving all that success, one of our favorite rappers was caught for not paying child support – nothing gangsta about that.

Hopefully, these six months in imprisonment will rehabilitate DMX and he will continue performing with his well known gravelly voice loved by many.