Drunk & Unwanted: Kate Moss Kicked Off a Plane 

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June 7, 2015. Kate Moss brought the party to an easyJet plane and the crew was having none of it.

After a week-long affair with gal pals, Kate Moss and pals boarded an easyJet plane from a resort in Bodrum, Turkey. The flight was to fly from Turkey to London’s Luton airport. Police escort were waiting for the offending passenger at the London airport. 

Kate and her girls (Sadie Frost, Frances Rufelle, Fran Cutler) were in Bodrum for the week, staying at the LifeCo Clinic Spa, one of Kate’s favorite places to unwind and detox. 

The ladies were there to celebrate the upcoming 50th birthday of actress and designer Sadie Frost. In LifeCo Clinic Spa, where guests are promised a week of eating tropical fruits and juicing to rid the body of toxins, the ladies enjoyed a multitude of treatments including a cryotherapy sauna.

It seems the party isn’t over until Kate Moss says it’s over. 

Once seated in the airline, Moss reportedly asked for alcohol from the crew. After she was told that alcoholic drinks would not be served, she proceeded to take out her own bottle of vodka from her carry-on luggage.


Possibly fearing that the situation would escalate, the crew of flight EZY2232 radioed ahead to ask for assistance with a “disruptive” passenger. 

Being “disruptive” included walking up and down the aisle to talk to her gal pals, being friendly with the family sitting next to her and playing hairdresser with a young female passenger.

Some passengers think that the airline completely overreacted to the situation saying, “easyJet has probably seen a lot worse.

When the crew refused to serve alcoholic drinks to Moss, a passenger said that the supermodel didn’t seem too bothered (probably because she knew she had a whole bottle of vodka in her bag anyway). Moss, according to witnesses, was not aggressive to passengers at all and was actually kind of funny.

A direct quote from the source, “She was not aggressive to anyone and was really funny. The crew were acting out of proportion.” And “it was very unnecessary to call the police, it does cost money which should be spent on catching real criminals.

The airline clearly thinks otherwise. A spokesperson from easyJet confirmed that they had indeed radioed in for escort to handle a difficult passenger, but did not refer to Moss. easyJet stood their ground saying that the airline “does not tolerate disruptive behavior and will always report any incidents to the authorities.