Kanye Just Trolling about Pirating Music

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As it turns out, rapper Kanye West was just trying to get a good laugh when he posted a controversial photo on Twitter which gave him away as a music pirate. He posted a photo of his computer desktop with a song by Sufjan Stevens but, apart from YouTube, other tabs were full of various websites for illegal music software download.


Naturally, the photo caused rage by a vast number of people on the Internet and many immediately started attacking Kanye for stealing music software when he, himself, is a musician who makes huge amounts of money. He had also been threatening to sue website PirateBay just a few weeks ago for putting his album The Life of Pablo up for illegal download.

Popular DJ Deadmau5 was one of the loudest when it came to attacking Kanye for his recent actions because his good friend Steve Duda created Serum, the music software Kanye was allegedly downloading. Deadmau5 took to Twitter to call out Kanye and the rapper fired back, creating yet another Twitter feud Kanye has got into this year alone.

However, Kanye seems to be laughing his head off right now because he has succeeded in trolling the Internet. According to TMZ, sources close to the rapper said he was in the studio when he decided to troll the haters by posting the photo. Further proof that Yeezy isn’t really a music pirate is that the computer in the photo is Samsung, while it’s well known that he owns a Mac. He had us fooled for a second there.