Kanye’s 10 Stupidest Moments

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We can always count on the genius, the leader of our generation, or should we just call him Yeezus, to do something so outrageously stupid that the world just stops for a moment and everybody silently utter “What the hell is wrong with that guy?”

Kanye is definitely one of the most unique people of our generation, but not for the reasons he would like to think. Let’s just say that the phrase “a Kanye moment” is now a thing for when you do something so stupid it could only be matched with Kanye’s greatness.

So let’s enjoy the 10 stupidest moments by this awesome man and let’s hope there are plenty more to come:


1. Jimmy Kimmel Twitter Beef

Remember when Kanye said he was “too busy being creative” to waste his time on social media? Well, the rapper made a Twitter account in 2010 after all and he shared his creativity even there.

His followers have seen some pretty outrageous complains, such as that fur pillows aren’t as comfy as he had thought and that he had to buy himself a Cartier love bracelet. Poor Kanye, it’s a tough world we live in. But the biggest drama happened in 2013, after Jimmy Kimmel spoofed an interview that Kanye gave for BBC Radio 1 and recreated it with children. And it was cute. Except, Kanye didn’t really think so.

He found himself deeply offended because how dare this comedian make fun of the things he says using adorable kids? So Kanye went on a caps lock rampage, attacking, threatening, offending and what not. Kimmel even said on his show that Kanye had called him up and threatened to ruin him if he didn’t publicly apologize. This was all too amusing to the famous TV host who, naturally, never did apologize.

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