Kanye’s 10 Stupidest Moments

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2. 2015 MTV VMAs Speech

We almost don’t watch the MTV VMAs for the music or the awards anymore. We watch them because we just know there will be some shocking moments. And we are never disappointed. This year, there were some interesting bits, but one of the craziest ones was Kanye’s Video Vanguard Award speech.


First of all, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Taylor Swift was the one giving the award to the rapper. After he took the award, a 12-minute-long speech ensued. We know how much Kanye likes to be at the center of attention, but even so this was unexpected. His speech could be called a rant because he just kept on sharing some of his outrageous ideas and enlightening the audience with his wisdom. We can’t be completely sure, but we think that the bottom line of the speech was “Listen to the kids, bruh!”

Very wise words from somebody who had just smoked a joint and publically admitted it on live TV. However, the most shocking part of the speech was the end part, where he announced he would be running for president in 2020. God help us all!

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