Kate Moss And Jamie Hince Haven’t Spoken in Weeks – Mild Setback or Pending Divorce? 

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Rumors of an impending divorce between Kate Moss and Jamie Hince are making its rounds in the tabloids and news outlets after sources reveal that the couple have not seen each other nor spoken to one another in weeks.

Rumors about a possible split started surfacing after Hince was spotted alone at the Glastonbury Festival which Kate frequents.

Kate Moss, world-renowned supermodel, married The Kills rock star, Jamie Hince, in an intimate and unbelievably stylish private ceremony in 2011. The world was all oohs and aaahs about the couple because not only did they seem like they were brought together in celebrity heaven (it doesn’t get as cliché as a supermodel marrying a rock star), the couple seemed to sincerely be smitten with one another.

Are Moss and Hince destined to be another statistic? Another cliché of supermodel marries rock star and DOES NOT live happily ever after?

Sources are spilling their guts and telling news outlets that Kate and Jamie are reportedly living separate lives and that the couple has not seen each other in weeks. The cold war was allegedly set off by a “blazing row” between the couple.


For those of you not nearly well-versed enough, a “blazing row” is the English equivalent of huge screaming match. The purported cause of the fight was jealousy. A source said, “There have been arguments and jealousy, although nothing is going on with either of them. They both seem interested in different things.

If you all can remember, Hince was nowhere to be found during Kate Moss’ “little” incident with EasyJet. 

Apparently, Moss was quite miffed with her husband for not showing up to their friend Sadie Frost’s birthday. The supermodel felt her husband didn’t even make enough of an effort to make it back from the U.S. for that bash.

Another cause of tension between the couple, according to sources, appears to be Jamie’s close friendship with socialite Lady Mary Charteris and her husband Robbie Furze, with whom the musician has been constantly hanging out lately. Kate has supposedly made no secret about her dislike for Lady Mary after the former called her “Croydon Kate” to her face.

Things have reportedly gotten so bad with the couple that they have been avoiding being at their place at the same time.

Will Kate and Jamie patch things up or will another celebrity couple bite the dust?