Khloé Ambushed By Her Ex

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Lamar Odom’s world has been crumbling down for some time now and it seems that the ex-basketball superstar has hit a new low.

Sources claim that Lamar can’t get over the fact that Khloé has moved on with her life, and that she is rumored to be in a happy relationship with James Harden, the Houston Rockets scoring dynamo.

The ambush took place in front of the gym where Khloé works out.

An eye-witness claims that Lamar came out of nowhere and started calling out his ex wife. When Khloé refused to respond, he reportedly grabbed her arm and that’s when she started screaming.

He was yelling at her, telling her to stop, but Khloé looked terrified and was just trying to get away as quickly as she can. Who can blame her,” eye-witnesses told the press. “When she refused to respond he grabbed her by the arm, started pulling her towards himself and that’s when she started screaming and threatening to call the police. She looked really scared,” they added.


Khloé was heading to her SoulCycle class before the attack took place. After Lamar creeping her out, she ran to her car and went straight back home.

She looked terrified and surprised that Lamar knew where to find her and it all seemed like he was stalking her. Sources claim that Kim advised Khloé to get personal security, as there is no reasoning with Lamar. Khloé was also forced to change her number because her ex wouldn’t stop calling her.

The former NBA star (currently a free-agent) told TMZ that it is all a lie.

Nobody got hassled, followed or harassed. Nobody got grabbed on, it’s all ridiculous and it’s all just not the truth,” said Odom.

The two times NBA champion pointed out that he lives in Las Vegas and therefore doesn’t have a clue of his ex’s daily routine, so he asks: “Did I just guess where this girl may be?”

Even though she seems to be moving on with her life, Khloé told Women’s Health earlier this month that Lamar is “the love of her life”.

She added that she “loves Lamar to death,” and that “they had a fantastic marriage”.

But she does have some regrets: “Do I wish he had tried harder? Of course. Do I think that Lamar didn’t have the energy to fight because he was already fighting so many different things? Yes.”