Kim Kardashian’s Most Awkward Moments

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During the years of her fame, Kim Kardashian has done some pretty hilarious things, and we can always count on her to make us want to facepalm. These are 10 of her most awkward moments to this day.

1. Being in a movie No wonder it’s called Disaster Movie, it’s starring Kim K. The movie is rated very poorly, and some consider it the worst movie of all time. Kim played a supporting role and showed us that she definitely can’t act. But at least she got some media attention.

2. Posing nude This is the most recent one she has surprised us with. Even if you don’t follow Kim Kardashian, this is a photo you have certainly seen. She posed for Paper Magazine and then she posted it with #BreakTheInternet caption. Kim definitely has nothing to hide, nor does she want to. We just wonder what her kid is going to think of it when she grows up.

3. Sex tape Many would agree that this was the moment that launched Kim to stardom. She made a sex tape with the singer Ray J and it was allegedly “leaked” in 2007. She did sue the company, but decided to settle in the end. So we’re going to pretend she didn’t want the world to see that. All we know is that after this scandal she has been a constant topic in the media.

4. Blood instead of Botox – If this sounds crazy to you, it’s probably because it is crazy. Kim has discovered a new method of keeping her face young and fresh, but it kind of includes being a vampire. Blood is taken from her body and then injected into her face. It is supposed to be like a natural version of Botox, but to us it’s just plain creepy. Obviously, there’s nothing Kim wouldn’t do to stay pretty.

5. Naming her baby North West – Kim and Kanye had a baby in June 2013 and decided to name it North. Now, that is just cruel to the child. And with their last name being West, that baby is practically a compass. Luckily, she will probably never have problems with her name at school knowing who her parents are. And she’s also adorable as hell which gave her mommy an idea to make her a model for her clothing line. With a name like that and a career direction that early, that kid is going places.


6. Paris’s sidekick – Yes, there was such a time when Paris Hilton was the queen of tabloids and Kim was just her background noise. Kim actually worked for Paris. We’re not exactly sure what her job was, but it definitely included dressing up and appearing everywhere together. She was some kind of assistant to her, organizing her closet, picking outfits, hanging out with other semi-stars and partying. But this all changed when Kim’s sex tape leaked, and since then Paris is pretty much history, while Kim is everywhere we look. Good call, Kim!

7. Sunburnt selfie – Remember that time when Kim posted that hilarious photo of herself being totally sunburnt and asking for help? Well, if you don’t, we’ll remind you. What do you do when you get sunburnt like that? Probably go to the hospital. But not Kim. First thing she did was post it online saying how embarrassed she was and hoping to get some advice on how to deal with it. At least she’s not afraid to show us her face even when she’s having a bad day.

8. 72-day marriage – That’s how long her marital bliss lasted. She married an NBA star, Kris Humphries, in October 2011, but filed for divorce not long after. Their great love can be squeezed into a year, as they only dated a few months before getting engaged and then spent only three months being engaged. I guess Kim was in a hurry to cash it in, since they made a ton of money from their public wedding. And she got extra publicity.

9. Butt x-ray – Kim’s butt must be one of the most famous in the world. And it’s always the talk of the crowd. It’s even insured for $21 million. But we can’t deny that something has changed over the years, and her butt definitely looks bigger than before. So Kim decided to silence the rumors of having implants and made an x-ray of her butt. A little radiation never hurt anybody, right? Even though she proved her point, it still doesn’t cover everything she could have done, like inject fat into her booty.

10. Kim’s JamOur dear Kim even ventured into the music industry. As she had to show us her multiple talents, she recorded a song called Jam (Turn It Up). As you can imagine, the song is one of the worst ever recorded, not to mention the quality of the video, but heck, at least she tried. She did try to make it seem like a good deed, donating half of the proceeds to St. Jude’s hospital. However, we believe it couldn’t have been much considering the dislikes on YouTube. For your “enjoyment”, here is the link to the song.