Kourtney Kardashian Caught Red Handed

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Kourtney Kardashian denies being anything but a friend to Justin Bieber, but the recent photos of their encounters suggest otherwise.

The whole thing started in October this year at The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood where they ran into each other but ended up leaving together. According to the sources who were present, Kourtney, who is apparently quite a cougar, flirted with young Justin and the singer decided to take a chance to hook up with the reality star. Let’s just recall that Justin is only 21 years old while Kourtney is 36.


Since October, they have been secretly meeting and hooking up although this mother of three firmly claims that she is only hanging out with the singer and a bunch of other people. We find this hard to believe, especially since she was seen last weekend making a getaway from Bieber’s Beverly Hills hotel at 4 am.

The Kardashian family is grilling Kourt over this unlikely relationship but, so far, she hasn’t admitted anything. After all, her younger sister Kendall was also linked to Bieber so it’s no wonder Kourt is trying to keep it on the low.

As far as Bieber’s side is concerned, he hasn’t said much. But sources close to him said that the two are having fun together and there’s no harm done because they’re both young and single. Well, at last one of them is young.