Kylie Jenner’s Stalker Arrested after Trying to Break into Her Home

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The crazed fan of the young starlet tried to break into her property when he was arrested and sent to a psychiatric institution. However, the man managed to escape from the psych ward and that’s when he was caught and arrested again.

Kyle is safe for another 72 hours while the man will be in custody, after which it’s pretty sure that this demented fan will be out on the loose, ready to bother the youngest Kardashian/Jenner member again.


The man has reportedly tried to break into Kylie’s $2.7 million house over 10 times to meet her, claiming that he and the reality star were “soulmates.” Luckily, he was stopped every time, but there’s no need to mention how terrified Kylie must be of what this man could be capable of.

This is not the first time that members of Kardashian family have been the target of stalkers. Kris, the matriarch of the family was harassed by a fan who called her on the phone non-stop in 2014, while an unknown man claiming to be Kendall’s boyfriend hovered around their home peering through windows. Kris has since hired armed security guards to protect her family from such creepy advances but it obviously wasn’t enough to scare those really stubborn ones like the one bothering Kylie.

In any case, Kylie is safe for now. But it isn’t likely this man will give up pursuing his “soulmate” anytime soon.