Little Baby North West Has Her Own Personal Trainer!

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One of the world’s most famous parents, TV reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper/genius Kanye West seem like they are unable to stop shocking the world. Sometimes their actions have the support of the public, sometimes only of their hardcore fans, but this time Kim and Kanye have done something that very few can understand.

They’ve hire a personal trainer for their little baby North! Although the desire to help their two-year-old girl grow properly is reasonable, many wonder if this is really the right choice.

Kim has reportedly hired one of her trainers to work out with North in order to have the best looking child. The workouts consist of basic aerobics and stretches and are done twice a week. Knowing that this little girl is also going to ballet classes in addition to working out, and that she has already developed a love for dressing up and putting makeup on, some fans are asking if North will have even a glimpse of what a real childhood is.


She should be playing with dolls, watching cartoons, or playing with friends and pets at this age, which is the proven way for children of that age to develop healthy habits and gain basic knowledge of the world.

But, after all, maybe Kim and Kanye don’t want their children to be ordinary, maybe they simply want to jump-start them into the world of celebrities. They surely want what’s best for her, it’s just that maybe they don’t really understand that it should be North’s choice, not theirs.

It’s obvious that there are many cases of celebuspawns growing up to be full of complexes and insecurities, which often leads to troublesome behavior.

But, we expected Kim and Kanye to take better care of little North, especially after the two of them had their fair share of bad experiences which came out of their fame. In the end, Kim and Kanye already gave their baby girl a weird name that will definitely pose as a difficulty when she grows old enough to go to school.