Marilyn Monroe’s 10 Most Appalling Secrets

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I think you’ve had a hard life… and that you’re very sad.”
— Marilyn Monroe’s therapist in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jeane Baker, Marilyn Monroe fought her way into show-business and would eventually shape modern trends of what is considered feminine and attractive. From a humble small town girl into a blonde sex symbol, her transformation is completely unbelievable. She played in movies – some were good, others were bad – but it is her personal life that never seizes to intrigue the audience, even decades after her death.

From her marriage to baseball star Joe DiMaggio to her solo act for President JFK’s birthday, her personal life is full of exciting details. Still, even though her life was constantly under the eye of the public, some stories and secrets have been stored away in her personal archives and have been discovered only recently.

Here are Marilyn Monroe’s 10 most appalling secrets which have shined a new light on her life.


1. Marilyn once showed up to work naked.

At the time when Marilyn was filming her last movie, Something’s Gotta Give, Elizabeth Taylor was working for the same studio, but she was receiving ten times more money than Marilyn. However, Monroe knew she could rival Liz and she wanted her salary.

She wanted to catch the attention of the public and have all the lights focused on her. To prove herself as a woman, and as a high-caliber actress, Marilyn decided to show up naked at work.

Namely, she was scheduled to shoot a scene in a pool wearing a skin-colored bathing suit, but at the last moment she decided to get rid of unnecessary clothes. After delaying the movie production with her lateness which cost the studio thousands, she wanted to give back a little and gain the movie publicity you just can’t buy by appearing naked on set. To make sure her stunt doesn’t go unnoticed, she invited journalists and photographers.

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