Meet the Human Ken Doll

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Justin Jedlica, better known as “The Human Ken Doll”, was born on August 11, 1980.

Numerous other human Ken dolls have surfaced after Jedlica rose to world-wide fame for the number of surgeries he has done—190 surgeries as of this year to be exact. He is married to a man who Justin Jedlica says is quite supportive of his procedures. He must be if he helps Jedlica pay for most of the surgeries he has done on anything from his cheeks to his calves. Justin himself is a model and a businessman.

Jedlica admits that plastic surgery was something he has always wanted for himself. He once told Oprah in an interview, “Ever since I was in my teens, I wanted to have plastic surgery. To me, it meant luxury and it meant wealth, and that was something I wanted in my life”. The model grew up watching Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous on TV, and felt that plastic surgery would be one of the ways to experience the opulent lifestyle of the wealthy.

Shortly after his 18th birthday, at which age he no longer needed permission from his parents, Justin went ahead and underwent the first of his five nose jobs. The Human Ken Doll describes the moment as the first time he ever felt important to himself and that the experience was euphoric. This first procedure is what propelled a young Justin Jedlica to undergo a total of 190 surgeries as of January 2015. Among the 190 surgeries are 5 nose-jobs, pectoral implants, back implants and cheek, lip, butt and chin augmentations.


Jedlica knows that he has a bad reputation for going to the extremes with plastic surgery and admits that he has had almost all of his body worked on. Just recently he designed a four-piece implant for his own back saying that the custom implants look much more natural. One of the most dangerous procedures he has ever undergone was the one he underwent early this year to remove his “Julia Roberts” forehead veins, referring to the three veins coming down from his scalp to his brow bone, just like the ones Julia Roberts has. The procedure was a very delicate one because the surgeon needed to go through the inside of the patient’s eyelids in order to burn off the veins.

The Human Ken Doll doesn’t see anything wrong with extreme plastic surgery. He sees his transformation as a work of art, saying that the work he does on himself is akin to an artist expressing his creativity. He doesn’t even seem to think that he has severe body dysmorphic disorder as he has been quoted as saying “…I think I have a very clear picture of what I look like. I’m not unhappy with the way I look.”

Despite being christened “The Human Ken Doll”, Jedlica says he never saw himself as transforming into the Mattel doll. He says that he is flattered but that it was not his intention to look like a Ken doll. Instead, he says he has drawn inspiration from Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers both of whom are popular examples of the hazards and consequences of plastic surgery. He also said that he has been influenced by Japanese anime and manga.

Planning to start his own line of silicone implants.

Justin Jedlica says he has had a number of people come up to him to ask about his muscle implants, wondering why they look so natural. Because of this he has been thinking of starting his own line of custom made silicone implants. He also expressed that he is not done with his implants and fully intends to continue have more surgeries done.