My Financial Plan? Find a New Husband – Says Russian Trophy Wife

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Russian beauty and actress, Ekaterina Parfenova, has an interesting career strategy. She apparently thinks that being able to find another wealthy husband is a viable career path.

The statuesque blonde is in the middle of a £6,000,000 divorce battle with her husband of 11 years (2002-2013), Richard Fields.

Ekaterina Parfenova, a former child actress and winner of Miss World University in 1990, wants the following from her husband Richard Fields:£414,000 a year for her and their two children, including a £75,000 holiday budget.

  • £5,500,000 in mortgage payments for a property she wants near the Kensington Palace.

Mr. Fields is an American lawyer who runs one of the most successful litigation funding firms in the world.

Fields, has suggested she move to a more modest neighborhood like Battersea, which is south of the river Thames. During the proceedings last Wednesday, May 13th, 2015, Richard Field’s counsel Stephen Trowell, QC (i.e. Queen’s Counsel), questioned Parfenova about whether she plans to work after the divorce.


Trowell prodded, “Do you intend to work after today?” Ekaterina Parfenova, who used to work as a translator and is fluent in English, Russian and French, replied that no, she does not intend to work. She added:

I am a very good wife – I will try to find a new husband.

Parfenova reasoned that she would like to spend as much time with her two children as possible and that is why she has decided not to work.

It would seem that this ingenious 42-year old is quite adept at finding husbands. Parfenova was also married and going through a divorce when she met Fields in the early 2000’s. Richard Fields alleges, that his soon-to-be ex wife had asked him for money (£500,000) before she left her first husband – despite the fact that she would be receiving a £633,000 pay-off from her ex husband, who was a wealthy Russian banker.

Despite separating in 2013 the divorce is yet to be settled. The judge has made repeated attempts to make the couple settle, calling the divorce a “terrible destructive conflict”. He [the judge] has warned both Fields and Parfenova to come to an agreement before they both end up paying for more than £1 million in legal bills.