Nicolas Cage’s Most Idiotic Purchases

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Nicolas Cage tends to be a bit crazy, and he is notorious for his wild ways. The Internet can’t get enough of him, but Cage doesn’t seem to mind. However, this famous actor is also a compulsive spender. He managed to blow a $150 million fortune like it was no big deal on all sorts of insane purchases. When he realized how rich he was, he suddenly started spending and spending until he finally spent all of it and had to claim bankruptcy. But at least he still has all of these “cool” expensive things to make him feel better. Oh wait – he had to sell most of it.


1. A Pyramid Tomb

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that we’re all going to die at some point. But some of us are more prepared for when that day comes. Nicolas Cage didn’t want to leave anything to chance and he had a pyramid-shaped tomb made in a New Orleans cemetery just for him. Nobody really knows why he chose to build a pyramid-shaped tomb for himself – it could be just for esthetic reasons, or he feels worthy of a pharaoh’s burial and wants to enjoy the afterlife unlike the rest of us mortals.

Either way, the locals are not so delighted that the famous actor is going to share their resting place especially considering how flamboyant the 9-foot-tall tomb is and how it’s contrasted to the rest of the cemetery where some tombs are almost falling apart. The actor obviously couldn’t care less about the public opinion because his pyramid is still standing.

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