Personal Assistants Reveal Demands of 14 Stars

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We know celebrities can be a little demanding but if we can’t even imagine everything that their personal assistants know. The people working the most closely with stars had the opportunity to hear the craziest requests and demands that really went overboard. And they revealed which 14 celebrities are the most notorious when it comes to this subject.


1. Taylor Swift

She likes to come off as a sweet, kind person who adores her fans and would do anything for them. Every so often, she does something selfless for the fans that need her help. But what we don’t hear so often is what a demanding diva this singer tends to be. She has very specific demands when it comes to her coffee if she has a performance before 11am.

The coffee must be from Starbucks and she requires two particular kinds, grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet N’ Lows, and a grande iced Americano. She also asks for a ton of food, including Kraft Mac and Cheese and a ton of beer – 12-packs of Corona and New Castle. And that’s nothing compared to her rules when it comes to photos. She has insane copyright restrictions that only allow the press to use her picture once after which she is the only one who can use it.

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