Rick Ross Arrested for Marijuana Possession

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Well, to be honest this doesn’t come as a surprise, does it?

Especially when we know that most rappers like a bit of Mary Jane once in a while, and looks like Rick Ross is no different.

The corpulent rapper, William Roberts a.k.a. Rick Ross, was pulled over on June 10th in Fayette County, Georgia, for a window tint violation, only to be arrested for marijuana possession, according to J. Allen Stevens, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Stevens stated that a police officer stopped Rick Ross, who was traveling with a passenger in his Bentley, for a violation of tinting regulations. But then, the officer smelled the scent of marijuana and, after Sheriff Barry H. Babb gave his consent to inspect the car, the deputy located a misdemeanor amount of marijuana in the vehicle.

The spokesman claims that Ross didn’t seem to be under the influence and was “fully cooperative”. The passenger’s identity wasn’t disclosed.

Stevens added that Ross was also issued a citation for his window tinting. A bond amount was set and the rapper was set free almost immediately, but he will have to answer to the charges nonetheless.


Before making it in the music industry, the rapper worked as a correctional officer in Florida.

If you think that’s surprising, then think about the fact that the police officer was able the smell the marijuana – what do you think, how was he able to identify the smell immediately? – Yap, that’s right!