Rihanna Loses It before the Grammys

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Rihanna shocked everyone by cancelling her performance at this year’s Grammys just a few hours before the show but, now, details are surfacing about what the reason behind it might be.

As is reporting, Rihanna had a meltdown during her rehearsal, screaming and expressing obvious displeasure with the way the rehearsal was going. However, there are different stories about what may have caused the hysterical behavior of the pop diva. Some sources claim that Rihanna was furious due to the fact that she was having a bad case of bronchitis and she couldn’t sing and perform normally. This led to her losing it during the rehearsal and finally cancelling her performance at what seemed quite an inappropriate hour.


However, other sources say she killed it at the rehearsal even though she was on the antibiotics. The official story from Rihanna’s rep is that her doctor strictly ordered that she shouldn’t perform after all, due to the risk of hemorrhaging her vocal cords.

Either way, it’s understandable that Rih-Rih got upset, as she was looking forward to singing one of the songs from her new album ANTI. The singer twitted an apology to her fans saying: “#NAVY so sorry I couldn’t be there ….. Thanks Grammys and CBS for your support tonight.”

Let’s hope Rihanna gets well soon since she is supposed to start her Anti Tour later this month.