Scott Disick Finally Ready To See His Kids, But Will Kourtney Allow It?

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Kourtney Kardashian’s and Scott Disick’s messy break-up has just turned even messier.

Earlier this month, Kourtney finally had enough of Scott’s partying and outrageous behavior. She had been patient and tolerant with him for over nine years, but when she saw him getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli in Monaco while she was taking care of the children at home, she dumped him once and for all.

And now, after more than a month, the father of Mason (5), Penelope (3) and Reign (6 months), wants to see his children.


But Kourt won’t let him do that in his wildest dreams. She is so angry at him right now that she has decided not to let him see their children unsupervised. Not only has she completely lost faith in him as a boyfriend, she doesn’t even trust him as a father. And who can blame her?

His betrayal was obviously the last straw for Kourtney who is determined to punish him. Moreover, Scott is famous for his drinking habits and Kourtney doesn’t want that kind of influence anywhere near the kids. She has even banned him from their mansion and thrown all his clothes away. So her rules are – he can’t see them until he gets sober.

Kourtney may be hitting under the belt, but Scott wasn’t exactly playing fair to begin with.

Kourtney’s family is fully supporting her decision. In fact, they are strongly advising her never to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend. Her family has been watching her suffer so many years because of him and they are all sick of it. They believe Kourt deserves someone way better. 

It is most probable that Kourtney will try to get full custody of their three children. And considering the circumstances, things don’t look too good for the repenting father.

All this said, Scott is allowed to keep in touch with his kids, and he does so regularly over the phone and Facebook. But in order to see them, he will have to get his act together. Maybe this will finally teach him and get him to change.