See What Actor Slept With More than 1,000 Women! 

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This Hollywood heart-breaker is the real-life Don Juan since he managed to get into bed with 1,033 women – the exact number of conquers of the notorious fictional womanizer.

We are talking about Peter O’Toole, the famous Irish actor who is best known for his legendary role of T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia. 

He died in 2013 at 81 but he sure had an exciting life. Not only does he hold the record for most Oscar nominations without a win, he is also the absolute champion in the number of women he seduced. And many of them were major Hollywood stars just like him.

It all started with a bet in the early 1960s when one of O’Toole’s friends bet him he couldn’t sleep with the three biggest sex bombs at the time: Jayne Mansfield, Anita Ekberg and Diana Ross. 

He was obviously a man who enjoys challenges since he accepted this one and eventually won the bet. He liked the taste of it and soon made something of a hobby out of it.

We can only imagine the reputation Peter had in Hollywood at the time considering no woman could resist him. But he must have been a pretty good lover and there is a reason for that. Peter was an early bloomer. In fact, he lost his virginity at age 13, no less than with a stripper. The widowed stripper in her 50s taught Peter every trick in the book over the course of 5 months. He would visit her every day after school until she suggested a threesome with one of her male customers. That was a deal breaker for young O’Toole, but this experience got him set with sexual tricks for life.

So who are all these women he seduced? From Elizabeth Taylor to Audrey Hepburn, you name it. Apparently he was irresistible to every woman he laid eyes on. 


He had a thing for royalty. He swept Queen Elizabeth II’ younger sister, Princess Margaret off her feet, even though she was married. The two had secret and not-so-secret meetings in her apartment and would drive in her car. She even treated him with expensive holidays to the Caribbean and Morocco.

The legendary queen of the silver screens, Elizabeth Taylor, fell for his charms and she actually wanted to seduce him. 

At first, she wanted him as her leading man in a movie but as soon as they got together on screen, the chemistry was overwhelming and the two took it off screen as well. For the first time in his life, O’Toole was nervous before sleeping with a woman. He was about to do something most men on the planet wanted to do and he was afraid how he would perform. But his performance was obviously satisfying, since the couple continued their on-again off-again relationship for ten years, even though they both got married in the meantime.

Among his many conquers, there was even a transgender woman. April Ashley was a model he met in 1961 but he had no idea she used to be a man. When she admitted to being transgender to him it was already too late as she did it during sex. However, he didn’t mind about her past.

One of the most surprising stories about O’Toole is definitely the one that includes Audre Hepburn.

The actress of timeless beauty went head over heels for O’Toole like many of her female colleagues as soon as she met him. As they filmed their movie How to Steal a Million, their relationship developed. She was married at the time but that didn’t matter to the lustful actor. Hepburn even got pregnant during that period but soon had a miscarriage, leaving it a mystery who the father of the child was. Having fallen in love with Audrey and believing the child was his, Peter felt crushed by the news and wanted to continue seeing her but the romance had to end.

In 1960, he caught the eye of the iconic actress Ava Gardner and in 1964 he even shared her with another man.

Nothing was off limits for O’Toole’s sexual appetites, so he agreed to have a threesome with the beautiful actress and actor Richard Burton. The idea came from the popular maneater Ava who apparently had very similar views to Peter.

Peter O’Toole definitely knew what he was doing with the ladies. And even though his habits are a bit controversial, you must admit 1,033 is an impressive number. So, we say – hats off to the man who was a true legend of the movie industry and a master of seduction.