Snooki’s Shocking Confession: Her Daughter Was Conceived While Driving

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Nicole and her husband Jionni have joined the Mile-Highway Club!

Snooki (27) was on the Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday, and during her turn at the “Hot Seat” she confessed the craziest place where she’s done it – and the answer was CAR. How disappointing, this is Snooki we’re talking about so that she would utter “car” was something no one had expected.

Nicole continued to explain, “Jionni and I went out on a date in Hoboken and we were driving back and we just started hooking up in the car while he was still driving…. I just climbed on top while we were on the highway and he was still driving.”


Considering they are both the size of peanuts we can see that happening in a car with room to spare, but kudos to Jionni who managed to steer the car to safety while humping his brains out.

But that’s not the end of that story – this is actually the tale of how their 12-month-old daughter Giovanna was conceived, as Snooki reveals:

I missed my period and I got pregnant.” – Well Snooki, that’s how it usually goes.

But, finally we know how the cast of Jersey Shore procreate!

Nicole also has a 3-year-old son, Lorenzo, with Jionni LaValle, and she only has words of praise for her husband even though there have been speculations that he actually had a subscription with adultery website Ashley Madison.

Snooki stood up in her husband’s defense, “Jionni is the most respectful, humble, and most loyal soul I know…He is a stand up guy that loves his family more than anything in the world.”