Steve Harvey Announces the Wrong Winner on Miss Universe

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After 30 years of work on TV, we would think that Steve Harvey knows what he’s doing but he proved us very wrong last night. Hosting last night’s Miss Universe, the most prominent international beauty pageant, he accidentally pronounced Miss Colombia the winner even though she was actually the first runner up.

At the moment everyone was waiting for, famous TV host made possibly the worst mistake of his career and became blacklisted in Colombia. Harvey announced the winner in front of the excited audience and millions of people around the world watching the pageant on live TV. Miss Colombia was ecstatic, of course, but her happiness didn’t last long.


A cringe-worthy TV moment ensued as Harvey corrected himself after Miss Colombia had already been crowned as winner. Miss Universe was actually Miss Philippines who couldn’t believe what she was hearing as Harvey admitted his mistake.

To make matters worse, as Miss Philippines, the actual winner, approached the stage still confused, the former Miss Universe, also from Colombia had to take the crown off unfortunate Miss Colombia’s head and give it to its rightful new owner.

In an attempt to apologize, Steve Harvey posted a Tweet, with not one but two typos in both countries, stating: “I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians and Miss Columbia.” We can imagine how he must have felt when posting this, hence the mistakes. Soon, the post was deleted and replaced with three new ones with genuine apologies and praise for all the ladies.

Backstage, Miss Colombia showed how well she took the whole situation and she said that everything happened for a reason, while the winner, Miss Philippines, laughingly said that the announcement was “very 2015.” Well, at least we know who won’t be hosting Miss Universe next year… or ever again.