Surprise, Surprise, Cosby Did Drug and Rape Dozens of Women

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Just because someone is famous and wealthy and powerful does not mean he gets away with it”, stated former model and Playboy magazine’s Playmate, Victoria Valentino, in the uproar caused by the Cosby scandal.

The icon of American television and a legendary sitcom persona, Bill Cosby, found himself once again under the media spotlight. 

A lawsuit filed against him in 2005 for drugging and sexually assaulting a former Temple University worker Andrea Constand was buried by his lawyers in a settlement. However, in the light of new testimonies from over two dozen women whom he assaulted and drugged, the case was reopened.

The media has long dismissed these accounts as a witch hunt on the most iconic, loveable father figure of television. 

However, upon the public release of court records from 2005, Cosby confirmed that he used illegal substances to drug at least one woman, in order to have sex with her. He also mentioned there being “others”, but when asked how many other women there were, the lawyers intervened before he could answer.


The drug in question is the infamous Quaalude, which is no longer manufactured, giving it a status of an “upper-class” drug available only to those who can afford to find the remaining supplies.

Its effects are similar to those of a sedative, and it was earlier used as an aid for insomnia. Allegedly, the comedian has been committing these assaults for 40 years, with the media and authorities dismissing any kind of testimony from the victims, until today.

In the very beginnings of the scandal, Bill Cosby had a storm of support from fans as well as his current and former colleagues. 

Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symone and Jill Scott all vouched for the actor the year before, stating he was “innocent until proven guilty”. Now, with the unbeatable evidence of Cosby’s own confession, Scott is among those countless supporters who are now turning their backs on him: I stood by a man I respected and loved. I was wrong. It HURTS!!!she tweeted.  

The aforementioned model Victoria Valentino added in an interview: “I am so overwhelmed that this has come out at long last. At last we are being validated, and there is vindication.