These 10 Stars Died on Stage

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It is a well-known fact that death doesn’t choose the time or place to strike. But in these instances it was a really bad timing.

These 10 stars died right in front of the eyes of the audience, leaving the world while doing what they loved to do, but also leaving the fans shocked and traumatized. Whether they died of a heart-attack or of a more brutal reason, these celebrities lost their lives right there on stage.

1. Steve Irwin


The popular Australian TV host and wildlife expert known also as the Crocodile Hunter got his nickname after his show. He was known to be fearless when encountering the deadliest beasts from the wilderness. Fans were watching his show admiring his courage as he would calmly approach and even wrestle crocodiles and handle the deadliest snakes. So one would think that he could only be killed by a crocodile.

But that is not how the tragedy went down. While he was filming his documentary – Ocean’s Deadliest – Irwin slowly snuck up to a stingray in shallow water. Unexpectedly, the ambushed animal attacked poor Irwin stinging him as it would sting a predator to defend itself. Normally, the sting wouldn’t be fatal, but as the stingray stung Irwin several hundred times during a few seconds it also pierced his heart. He bled out and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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