These 10 Stars Died on Stage

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2. Karl Wallenda

Wallenda was a high-wire artist who was famous for performing his tricks without a safety net. This daredevil performer started his career as a young boy of only 6 years and he later founded a circus act – The Flying Wallendas. The act involved members of his family engaging in dangerous stunts on the high wire, such as forming a pyramid or cycling. The act was a huge hit until one day there was a fatal accident killing several members of the group.


Even after this tragedy, Wallenda continued doing stunts. In 1978, he attempted a walk between two ten-story buildings in Puerto Rico. But little did he know that it would be his last stunt. Even though the distance was only about 121 ft, and he held a record for crossing 1,800 ft, the wind was too strong that day and it caused him to lose his balance. He fell to his death at the age of 72 and the cameras recorded every second of the tragedy.

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