This is What Failed Marriages and a Nervous Breakdown Have Done to Britney

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Remember when Britney was an innocent little girl singing in a school uniform? Those were the days! But sadly, a lot has changed since then. The promising princess of pop hasn’t had an easy life and it definitely shows on her looks. She has drastically changed, and from the beautiful blonde teenager she now looks even older than she is. Britney is currently 33 years old, but many would give her 40.

It’s no wonder she looks washed up, she has been to hell and back since the beginning of her career. In 2004 Britney made her first major mistake – after a night of partying, she married her childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas. She obviously realized that had been a terribly stupid idea since the marriage was quickly annulled only 55 hours later.


In that same year, she got engaged to her boyfriend of three months – Kevin Federline. She probably should have known it was a bad sign to get engaged to somebody whose last girlfriend was still pregnant with his child. The press didn’t leave them alone. Britney’s career was still on the rise, but she decided to take a break to start a family. Everything happened very quickly with her wedding in 2004, her first son in 2005 and her second son in 2006. Only two months after giving birth to her second son, Britney filed for divorce. The couple stated they were splitting due to „irreconcilable differences“ but there were rumors that K-Fed started avoiding his father duties and spent a lot of time outside of home.

After the divorce, things really started to go downhill for Britney. She started using drugs and in 2007, her aunt, who she was very close to, died of ovarian cancer. Britney couldn’t take the stress anymore, she walked into a hair salon and shaved her head off by herself. Soon after that, Britney lost custody over her sons and this was the rock bottom for her.

Ever since then, Britney has been trying to bounce back. Some of her attempts were successful, some not. But at least she has pulled herself together and got her children back.

All of this has taken its toll on poor Britney who is now just a remnant of her past glory.