Ugly Duckling Turned Beauty: Take a Look at Who Spent $3M on Her Transformation

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Over the years we saw every one of the lovely Kardashian ladies transform from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans. And let’s not be naïve, it had nothing to do with regular exercise and a strict diet!

First we had Kim, who changed a lot over the years – her nose got just a little bit thinner, her crooked teeth became beautiful overnight, and our resident doctor commented how her breasts appear overly round for her figure, which is likely a sign of breast implants.

In 2009, Kourtney Kardashian admitted to having breast implants. Fair play, at least she was completely open about it.

Then we have the youngest Kardashian/Jenner family member, Kylie, who fiercely denied having any work done to achieve the look she has today. After a lot of public pressure she finally admitted that her lips “aren’t completely natural”. Of course, the list doesn’t stop there, and it is estimated that she has spent at least a million dollars on various cosmetic interventions.

So we come to Chloe, who was always considered to least attractive of them all!

Her transformation is almost unreal. And while she fiercely denies having any work done, except for exercising and eating right, many doubt it. It all seems fishy, but the bottom line is that Chloe looks great!


Her weight change is astonishing considering Chloe was always the chunkiest of her siblings, and she often spoke about her weight problems. Before her recent transformation, she had tried many diets, but in the end she turned to Gunnar Peterson, a personal fitness trainer. He works with many celebrities, but his services don’t come cheap – they are $130,000 a year. Sources claim Chloe lost more than 45 pounds, and that it was all thanks to working out with Peterson and being on a strict diet.

But, some sources claim she owes her new sexy appearance to more than just a couple of lost pounds and some makeup.

Sun magazine claims that Chloe, just like her sisters before her, visited a plastic surgeon. Doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery all agree that it is evident she has done a nose job, a Brazilian booty lift, has gotten breast implants, and went through several liposuction procedures. It’s one thing to lose weight, but a completely different thing when your body changes in ways which are naturally impossible, and that’s the case with Chloe.

Besides these procedures, she probably also had a few non-invasive, but expensive interventions, such as Botox injections, tattoo removal and laser-lifts. Also, Chloe is a spa addict and goes for face peels and laser hair removal regularly, and every other day she goes to get her tan. She loves having her hair done, so she goes to her hairdresser every day!

Of course, a new body mustn’t be seen in old rags, it deserves a new edgy look. One more reason for the Kardashians to go shopping!

Sources claim Chloe spent more than a million dollars on all the new clothes she has bought since she officially divorced Lamar. It’s not cheap being a Kardashian and all, you know. It is estimated that Chloe spent more than $3 million to look this hot. But we’re sure she can afford it.

You may think $3 million is a lot, but think of it as an investment considering Chloe’s line of work.