Weirdest Red Carpet Appearances Brought to You by Bai Ling 

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Bai Ling never ceases to shock us with her outrageous red carpet outfits. The 53-year-old actress still has a body to kill for and she’s more than happy to show it to us. Even though she is a successful Chinese actress with a long and prolific career behind her, she is somehow more famous for her crazy red carpet appearances.

So let’s see some of the craziest she’s displayed.

1. Dragon Costume

In April 2015, at the MTV Movie Awards, we had the privilege to see one of the most outrageous outfits not only by Bai Ling, but in general. The actress showed up wearing a gold corset featuring a dragon. No, not a picture of a dragon, it was literally all over her upper body. The dragon’s head was lurking above her right shoulder while its tail went behind her back. The outfit was topped with an almost-see through black skirt and towering gold heels. This one will be hard to top by any other eccentric star in show business.

2. Cardboard Outfit

Ling’s most recent outfit is all sorts of crazy, mostly because she showed up practically naked at the International Fashion Film Awards a few days ago. To put it nicely, she only covered her body with strategically placed cardboard pictures. With Coco Chanel on her right boob and Charlie Chaplin on her left, Ling was apparently making references to fashion and film. And the bottom part said: “Bai Ling’s Cookie: Film Proposes: Will You Marry me? Fashion Says: YES!!!” with a world map on her behind. We found it hard to completely understand what her outfit was supposed to mean, but she obviously had her reasons.

3. Spider Web


Bai Ling sure knows how to dress for Halloween. This holiday season, she decided to go eu natural (surprise, surprise) and let only a spider protect her private parts. She posed for photographers almost naked wearing only a tiny orange outfit totally appropriate for Halloween festivities. The outfit included a bat on her breasts, and something that resembles a Christmas tree decoration with a giant spider web down below. To match this craziness, Ling added a witch’s hat. She wins Halloween.

4. Patrick’s Day Look

Halloween isn’t Bai Ling’s first time dressing up for the holidays. Last St. Patrick’s Day, the actress appeared in an outfit only she could pull off. She was wearing a green hat, a ribbon that said “Kiss me, I’m Irish” over her shoulder and some kind of a feathery strip to cover her genitals. She covered her right boob with only a four-leaf clover, for good luck, obviously. And she topped it all with a green electric guitar. The actress thoroughly enjoyed the attention as she posed for the cameras.

5. Tutu And Fur

In 2009, Bai Ling attended an event in Germany and looked almost too normal for her. But even then, the outfit she was wearing turned everyone’s head, and not in a good way. Ling was dressed in a pink tutu combined with a top made of fur which was connected to the bottom part with two purple ribbons. As we said, almost normal. The actress was wearing a little more fabric than we’re used to, but that was six years ago. Her style has come a long way since then.

6. Let’s Go To The Paris

Is it a T-shirt? Is it a dress? And why can we see her panties? This summer, Bai Ling was obviously too hot, so she decided to ditch the pants and just flash us with her panties. She was wearing a ridiculous dress, if we can call it that, which featured the Eiffel Tower and a caption “Let’s go to the Paris”. Maybe the outfit wouldn’t be so crazy if she had just worn something under it. Instead, she just walked out in her polka-dot panties, or a bottom part of a bikini, we’re not completely sure.