You Would NEVER Guess Which 11 Stars Worked as Strippers

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Some stars had to work really hard to get to where they are now. And sometimes, working hard meant taking their clothes off for money. We already know these stars are smoking hot, but what we didn’t know is that they used to cash in their looks by dancing naked in front of a bunch of people. We’re glad they put their past behind them, but we must admit, most of these celebrities still have something so naughty about them that we actually weren’t completely surprised they used to be strippers.

1. Channing Tatum

Ok, so I’m guessing this one probably wasn’t that hard to figure out considering his oddly accurate moves in his hit movie Magic Mike where he actually plays a stripper. The fact that he was actually a stripper might have helped him get closer to the part and do it more faithfully. And we’re not talking only about those sexy hip movements and undressing, but also about the struggles of a young male stripper in this day and age.

When he was only 19, Tatum worked in a strip club and he isn’t proud of it. He says he did “a lot of bad things for $1 bills“ and we can only imagine what he’s referring to. The actor is glad he escaped that dark part of his life.

Yes, Tatum used to be a pretty successful stripper and there is actually proof of this on the Internet, so click away and feast your eyes, ladies. But if you want a real show, may we suggest his newest movie, Magic Mike XXL? He looks much better now anyway.

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