You Would NEVER Guess Which 11 Stars Worked as Strippers

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2. Javier Bardem

Can you imagine this serious-looking Spanish actor and Oscar winner taking his clothes off for money? Neither can we, but that’s how it was. But unlike the other stars on our list, stripping wasn’t his profession. He only tried it for one night and “it was a disaster”, as he puts it.

Bardem was a struggling actor and he desperately needed some money. So one night, he showed up at an amateur night at some club and he decided to give it a try. According to him, it only lasted for about 10 minutes and he was terrible at it. But there is something even more embarrassing than taking your clothes off in front of strangers – it’s taking your clothes off in front of your mother and sister.

That’s right! He was accompanied by his mother and sister that night, and he says that his mother was very proud of him for stripping. We sincerely hope he’s being sarcastic. Well, anyway, we prefer watching him do what he does best – making movies.

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